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Any transit time published in the FedEx Service Guide or elsewhere or quoted by Customer Service without the above five required facts, is only an estimate and is not a stated Delivery Commitment Time. For details, go to fedex. All claims due to damage visible or concealeddelay including spoilage claims or shortage must be notified to FedEx in writing within 21 calendar days after delivery of the Shipment, failing which no action for damages may be brought against FedEx see also Section Deliveries normally scheduled to be made on the day of holiday observance will be rescheduled for delivery on the next Business Day. The agreed date of delivery for purposes of calculating the deadline shall be the day following the date of the Shipment.

FedEx cannot deliver to U. It is the responsibility of the Sender to properly complete the Air Waybill. In any event, FedEx reserves the right to clear the Shipment if the broker cannot be determined or will not perform clearance or if accurate and complete broker information is not provided including but not limited to name, address, phone number and postal code. In the uni trade brokers guadalajara weather a Delivery Signature Option is not selected FedEx will follow its standard delivery procedures. The Sender, by tendering his Shipment to FedEx, agrees to pay the surcharges in force at the later of the time of order or time uni trade brokers guadalajara weather collection, such Charges to be determined by FedEx at its entire discretion.

Uni trade brokers guadalajara weather to keep the FedEx Account current, may result in the account being placed on a "cash only" status. These Conditions shall not exclude any liability where the exclusion of that liability is prohibited by law. If the Recipient fails to supply the required information or documentation and local law allows the Sender to provide the same, FedEx may attempt to notify the Sender. FedEx Account Numbers are non-transferable. FedEx shall not be liable for any damage arising out of changes in temperature or pressure.

In certain countries Class 1. However, the Money Back Guarantee policy will only apply once a delivery commitment has been accepted by FedEx after pick up of the Shipment. Delivery option availabilities and conditions can be consulted at www. If the Recipient refuses uni trade brokers guadalajara weather pay, the Charges will automatically be billed to the Sender. Ship online — quick and simple Ship online — all features Learn more about online shipping Access Address Book.

The Sender confirms that it does not rely upon or claim any other terms, warranties, conditions or representations relating to the use of the services under this Uni trade brokers guadalajara weather. The rate corresponding to the ship date will be used for conversions to non-hyperinflationary currencies. If the service selected or weight entered is incorrect, FedEx uni trade brokers guadalajara weather make appropriate corrections to the Air Waybill and appropriate adjustments to the invoice at any time and will be entitled to charge a special handling fee for having to make such corrections and amendments. If the Sender also fails to provide the information or documentation within a reasonable time as FedEx may determine, the Shipment will be considered undeliverable. A notice of attempted delivery will be left at the Recipient's address after each attempted delivery, indicating date and time of the presentation.

FedEx may be required by law to report improperly declared or undeclared Shipments of dangerous goods to the appropriate local competent authority. It is the responsibility of the Sender to properly complete the Air Waybill. Further information is available upon request. All restrictions and limitations set out under Section