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Jul 05 Views: By providing a more professional, international, authoritative and interactive communication platform for Chinese and overseas exhibiting enterprises, attending media, professional visitors and millions of players, it will show off the latest achievements of China's pan-entertainment industry, showcase national outstanding brands, and enhance exchanges and cooperation between China and overseas countries. The press conference was chaired by Mr. At the press conference, Mr. Tera trade broker bug hall invited to attend the press conference guests tera trade broker bug hall Mr.

To introduce in detail the preparations and highlights of the fifteenth ChinaJoy show. Focus on the pan-entertainment trend, to create a world-class pan-entertainment platform. The ChinaJoy will continue expanding tera trade broker bug hall scale. Nearly thousands of enterprises from home and abroad will be on the show.

Many of the world's top enterprises will come as exhibitors. The B2C area covers 11 halls, with an increased exhibition area of tera trade broker bug hall, square meters that will bring in together a total of thousands of the world's top game masterpieces. It is expected that nearly pan-entertainment businesses from nearly 30 countries and regions will come as exhibitors, and more than 5, high-end PCs will be brought in to launch an unprecedented game-experiencing carnival. The B2B showcase covers 4halls, with an exhibition area of 40, square meters that will bring in together more than Chinese and foreign exhibitors, and it is expected the amount of deals made on the site will exceed USD million.

ChinaJoy tera trade broker bug hall a platform with unique charm and unique features has become an annual weather-vane that focuses on pan-entertainment development. The audience includes game players, hardware consumers, business people and game developers and other industry people, thus forming the world's largest industry exchange and display platform that is with cross-border digital entertainment integration.

Focusing on pan-entertainment, a series of conferences will showcase new developments of the Chinese and foreign industries. The newly added China Live Streaming Entertainment Summit will demonstrate new developments of the pan-entertainment industry that progresses with healthy development of multi-fields.

The series of concurrent conferences of ChinaJoy are continuously pushing innovations. It innovated the way of theming the conferences and sections, shifting from the way of traditional thematization, to the way that puts more focuses on hot topics, sections and fields of the industry, so to comprehensively analyze the pan-entertainment industry, the hotspots and trends. Speeches by big names of Chinese and foreign enterprises represent global views and voices of and on the industry.

This CDEC is upgraded again. It lengthens the duration from one day to two days, and by centering on pan-entertainment IP as the core issue, it is divided into the summit dialogue and industrial dialogue. At the same time, in the ChinaJoy series of concurrent conferences, it adds the China Live Streaming Entertainment Summit, and the Global Smart Entertainment Hardware Conference, to discuss new hot spots and indicate the industry's latest developments.

At the China Game Developers Conference CGDCan independent game experiencing area will tera trade broker bug hall newly added, and the business functions of the conference will be further optimized. Celebration and passionate carnival of Fifteen year anniversary, to share the new era of pan-entertainment. The year is just the 15 tera trade broker bug hall anniversary of ChinaJoy. Centering on this major historical moment, ChinaJoy will continue espousing pan-entertainment development strategies of IP tera trade broker bug hall cooperation between enterprises, IP sharing between video and games, and sharing between animation and comics, and integrate it with more fashionable elements.

Based on a number of grand activities launched previously, it will further enrich ChinaJoy's pan-entertainment brand activities, online and offline, to show more brilliant contents for millions of fans. It will bring a fantastic ACG audio-visual gala for broad fans, to let the youth go crazy! By taking game and anime as the theme, it will kick off a music carnival throughout day and night!

In addition, this expo has newly added the ChinaJoy e-Sports competition that is intended to promote standardized development of China's e-Sports, to further support and encourage formal public fairs and public events. The tournament has commenced in May and June one after another in China's many regional cities. In Julya semi-final is held in Shangyu City, Shaoxing. In Julythe finals will be held at the ChinaJoy exhibition site. By turning it an on-scene event to an online event, it will precisely bring together users for interaction, interacting with the country's millions of ChinaJoy fans!

It will last for five consecutive days, set up nearly 80 video cameras, and invite nearly popular hosts, to present audience of a wonderful ChinaJoy show in the form of comprehensive art varieties!

In recent years, live streaming has become a new important place for entertainment experiencing, and become an important part in the field of pan-entertainment. This tera trade broker bug hall, ChinaJoy organizers has decided to set up a special award and ceremony for live streaming section, and just in such context, China Live Streaming Award - The Red Eagle Award has come into being.

As an important part of the China Live Streaming Entertainment Summit, the first Red Eagle Award ceremony will invite more than representatives of domestic and overseas live broadcasting companies, as well as forefront live broadcasters and online artist representatives. As one of the world's top companies, Intel is deeply involved in this year's ChinaJoy show. With the wonderful night party for the fans, Intel by using its enhanced reality AR technology will build a well-rounded ChinaJoy virtual Intel venue that will provide degree real experience for millions of players.

By strict review, it will severely punish those who violate, eliminate vulgar behavior, and ensure smooth progress of the show. For games contents shown in the site of this exhibition, the Organizing Committee will work together with the GPC, and Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, to conduct rigorous content review for all the works submitted by all exhibitors, to ensure the works exhibited be domestic and international high-quality game works that are in line with relevant state regulations, have the game copyright, while meeting the mainstream values.

The ChinaJoy will bring a bright summer for the industry, and produce a grand joyful pan-entertainment carnival for global players and the audience! By then, the eyes of the world's pan-entertainment industry will once again focus on the charming Shanghai, and enjoy the style and charm of ChinaJoy To introduce in detail the preparations and highlights of the fifteenth ChinaJoy show Mr.

Celebration and passionate carnival of Fifteen year anniversary, to share the new era of pan-entertainment The year is just the 15 years anniversary of ChinaJoy. Bookmark and share to your friends. Michael Fuchs Elite Columnist. Alexander Hinkley Tera trade broker bug hall Columnist. KradisZ Elite Blog Writer. Scion Storm Elite Blog Writer. RokwoodRokwood Elite Blog Writer. Dododoro Elite Blog Writer.

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