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Sports programs — through a local church group, the parks and recreation department or athletic clubs.

Junior Achievement -- a national organization with local chapters that gives students hands-on practice in entrepreneurship. It is easier for online students to make time for these activities because their study schedules are entirely flexible. This can open new doors for teens, not only for socialization but in the form of introduction to new interests or issues they might never experience if attending a traditional school. Teens who are already immersed in amateur athletics, dance training, modeling, acting or other time-consuming endeavors love online school because they can keep up with their studies no matter how erratic their schedule.

These students have myriad opportunities to socialize with others as they go about their daily business. Dealing with cliques can be an unpleasant distraction, bullying is a common problem and most schools deal on a regular basis with drugs and other issues that have students as worried as their parents.

Online high school offers a positive option for students who have been victimized or are concerned about what could happen during the next school day. And there are other social considerations that make online study a better option. Students facing significant health challenges have priorities other than typical teen socializing. Virtual schools may be public or private. Public virtual schools are a free option for families.

Some school districts also operate online schools as an option. These virtual schools are accredited and available to students in grades K Parents can choose to educate their children at home.

This type of education is parent-directed and parent-funded. Homeschooling is legal in one form or another in all 50 states, but each state has its own statutes and regulations governing the practice.

Families who homeschool their children may be eligible for a tax deduction.