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Posted on 20 April Militarism for the purpose of destabilization remains a way of life for US foreign policy.

Nothing unifies America at home and rallies japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following among its allies quicker than a bombing of a Muslim nation, no matter the ideological, political and moral justifications about the military option as a first resort before or after the bombing.

Governments divided and lacking popular support, governments questioned by a segment of the military, political and business elites, and by their allies japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following to military conflict as a means of bringing together opposing factions and unifying the disparate elements behind military action, even if the longer term consequences are disastrous. This is not to imply that the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad present has japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following politically and socially just; certainly no more so than others in the region allied with the US against Syria in the civil war started in and intended to bring down the regime that the US, UK, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey oppose.

Nor does critical analysis of US militarism mean that Moscow backing Damascus is engaged in anything but the preservation of a long-time strategic ally; denying the West the privilege of enjoying hegemony in the Middle East. Is the US so concerned about delivering democracy to Syria and stopping the use of chemical weapons resulting in civilian deaths, or did it have a role in causing and perpetuating the Syrian civil war? Other than creating the dislocation of tens of millions of refugees that burden neighboring japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following and Europe while denied entry into the US, what is the goal of American militarism?

Is it the added acres as it was in Vietnam where defeat was inevitable from the outset but the war continued until there was no hope for Pax American to prevail? Other than throwing fuel on the fire of jihadist terrorism as the US defines it, what exactly is the end game of destabilization policies in the Middle East? Certainly not human rights and social justice because the entire world knows the US record regarding these issues as it does the treatment of its own minority citizens, immigrants and refugees.

Military power for the sake of symbolism and feeling good comes at a very high cost and long-term consequences to the detriment of the country engaged in reckless conduct in everything from higher public debt to declining civilian economy.

The UN Security Council had requested time to investigate the use of chemical weapons to determine what actually took place. In the age of the web and mass communications with photo and video evidence of atrocities, hypocrisy by any government or group is quickly exposed throughout the world no matter what the corporate or government media efforts to obfuscate the evidence and propagate. Given their own foreign policy goals in the Middle East, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other authoritarian Arab governments, japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following of which have been providing direct and indirect support to ISIS, al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups in Syria and Yemen, they immediately expressed support for US bombing.

NATO members immediately came to the defense of their principal member that had been expressing lukewarm commitment toward the historical Atlantic Alliance with overtones for rapprochement toward Russia and political support for anti-EU rightwing populist parties in Europe. What a better way to bring the US back to the fold than to applaud bombing operations toward Syria?

What a better way to send a signal to Russia, Iran and China that have been supporting Assad than to strike at Syrian military targets? Just days before the US struck Syria, both the US Secretary of State and President publicly stated non-interference policy, refusing to engage in regime change politics like the Obama administration. Did Assad or Russia have a motive to use chemical weapons precisely at a time that Washington announced it was content with the status quo?

An investigation could prove that Russia and Syria were indeed responsible, but it has yet to take place. By the time the facts emerge about who used chemical weapons in Syria, the US would be preoccupied with other military operations because militarism for the purpose of destabilization remains a way of life for US foreign policy, no matter the announcement by Trump to be more restrained and narrowly focused about highly costly military operations.

As already stated, there were enormous domestic and international pressures on the US to remain the japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following quo Cold War power committed to NATO, militarism, and anti-Russian as though we are still amid the Cuban Missile Crisis.

There japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following and still is very little support domestically among both US political parties, and among EU and Middle East allies to deviate from the long-standing policy of militarism as a way of life because political, military and economic elites of all the respective countries benefit from militarism linked to political and economic interests. For the sake of multi-billion dollar defense contracts and securing the loyalty of authoritarian Arab regimes, the price paid is by millions of civilians including women and children that the US and UK bombs have killed, injured, and displaced in the first two decades of the 21 st century.

As far as the US and its allies are concerned, these are not war crimes. Just as the case of innocent civilian victims in Mosul, Iraq, killed by US bombs are collateral damage rather than war crimes, similarly, any war casualties no matter where and how many are just that, whereas the same war casualties owing to enemy fire constitute war crimes.

American Exceptionalism remains a justification for license to maintain militarism as a way of life. To mobilize public support among the popular base, which was sharply divided between the progressive wing of Senator Bernie Sanders and the neoliberal-militarist wing of the Obama-Clinton establishment, the Obama-Clinton Cold War-neoliberal wing of the party used the Russian issue to attack Trump from the right in an ironic role reversal with rightwing Republicans like John McCain siding with Cold War Democrats.

The day after Trump was sworn into office, there were mass demonstrations against him. Popular protests continued against the Muslim ban executive order randomly targeting Islamic nations that have no history of posing a threat to US national security. The Democratic Party was moving left and Bernie Sanders, an Independent, was the most powerful politician in the Democrats camp.

To bring the party back to its Cold War-neoliberal agenda that faithfully serves Wall Street and the military industrial complex, the party establishment focused on the Russian menace, rather than on japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following corruption of the Trump family and associates who placed their personal financial interests above those of the broader national interest. This is not to pass judgment on what Russia did with the election because there has been no evidence declassified to prove anything either way.

However, by adopting a hard line toward Russia, Democrats presented themselves as more patriotic, more nationalistic, and more willing to have a full-blown new Cold War than Republicans.

Even European leaders were so confused that they were asking both Moscow and Washington to clarify where exactly US-Russian relations stand. The anti-Russian Cold War strategy served Democrats well with the military, political, and corporate elites linked to the party, while it projected the image of a Democratic Party embracing patriotism and national interest that Republicans were at best ignoring and at worst betrayed.

As far as Democrats and Republicans were concerned, militarism makes a politician a leader, a theme accepted by the corporate media, analysts and the business elites. Many world leaders support the move, either overtly or through lack of criticism. In Washington, Democrats who have been bashing Trump on everything voiced approval of the Syria strike. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, leaders of the Democratic resistance on Capitol Hill. It was as thought military adventurism was the oxygen that Trump had taken away from the establishment and they were suffocating until bombs began dropping on Syria, symbolic as that action was.

A strike against the Assad regime was a strike against Russia but also the new beginning of an international armed conflict. That was exactly what US allies wanted from the Trump administration. After all, he had raised doubts about pursuing foreign policy along the bipartisan path that had been carved out since the Truman Doctrine in with NATO at the center of the militarist global network intended to facilitate Western imperial expansion.

One could argue that the risk in such action was alienating Russia and Muslims worldwide, with possible terrorist strikes in Western cities such as the one that took place in Stockholm, Sweden, hours after the US dropped bombs on Syria. Echoing unilateral themes, Trump has stated that he did not wish to be the leader of the Free World, but of the US, thus disregarding the historic commitment to leading military blocs and defining national security on the basis of the Truman Doctrine. Dropping bombs on Syria would not make the US much more unpopular that it is already.

Anti-Americanism began to decline when Obama was elected inafter he had promised but never delivered on a policy that placed diplomacy ahead of military solutions; respect of national sovereignty and multilateral institutions ahead of unilateral intervention; respect for international law japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following human rights above drone warfare that has killed countless civilians; and observance of national sovereignty and self-determination instead of military intervention that feeds defense contractors more profits and makes ideologues feel better about their delusional sense of American superiority.

Japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following ISIS benefits from any kind of US or US-allied strikes against Assad, it becomes very difficult to convince public opinion around the world that the goal is to defeat terrorism.

The more important player in all of this was China. The official reaction of China was to condemn the use of chemical weapons by anyone, but to call for diplomatic instead of military action as a solution to political problems. Unofficially, the Chinese have much larger trade and South China Sea geopolitical issues that concern them to the degree they would understandably not make Syria the core of their discussions.

Amid the emotionally-charged atmosphere of the bombings, there were many US politicians, media analysts and others offering opinions about how the entire world would in effect roll over and play dead, or taught a lesson simply because the US dropped 59 missiles on Syrian military targets.

There are also those who believe that US demonstrating military resolve somehow proves the US is still the superpower it was in the early Cold War, no matter how much more influential China has become in the world economy.

Very quickly the Trump administration will discover what the Obama administration learned the hard way, namely that the policy toward Syria immersed in contradictions must be set aside because it leads nowhere. Such policy neglects to face the reality of American world influence in decline at all levels to the degree that the US has to bomb Syria in order to validate its status in the eyes of its own deeply divided citizenry and the world highly skeptical of the US as a responsible power unable to use its influence in the world arena unless it uses bombs.

If the goal was regime change as the US and those supporting its military solution policy suggest, they are in for a reality check. Assad is stronger than he has been at any time since the US and its allies instigated the civil war. Moreover, only delusional analysts believe that Russia and Iran will simply walk away from Syria and allow the US to reduce it to the kind of chaos that they reduced Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The US refusal to accept defeat in its covert and overt operations in Syria prolongs the tragedy for the people of Syria, and keeps the entire Middle East in a japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following state of instability under authoritarian regimes. Even if Assad is removed, the idea that a pro-US regime will govern Syria suggests that those dreaming of it do not know Syrian history and have japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following clue about Syrian society and culture.

The best the US can do is to negotiate with Russia and Iran to strike a deal about the regional balance of power. However, US, western European, Saudi Arabian and Israeli interests have a lot to gain politically and financially by having Washington maintain a destabilization policy, thus militarism as a way of life is a deeply ingrained pattern in US foreign policy with deep roots as much in the military and political establishment as in the corporate structure.

Beyond Syria and the Middle East. Digvijaynath had also been investigated in the Gandhi murder case. His successor Mahant Avaidyanath was a leading figure of the Ram Janmabhoomi campaign. Adityanath succeeded him in From his seat in the Gorakhpur Peeth, Adityanath has not only been a key political figure in Eastern UP but also sought to interfere in bordering Nepal, demanding that Nepal must be declared a Hindu kingdom.

The Gorakhnath Peeth has evolved in a direction away from the original spirit of the teachings of the 11th century saint Gorakhnath, which are expressed in a set of couplets and verses called the Gorakhbani. Adityanath is a very far cry from a true yogi of the Gorakhnath tradition. To attack it to invite the holocaust. In September at a rally in Noida, he suggested that Muslim population must be regulated to control riots: Why are there no riots in Eastern UP?

You can easily understand. If given a chance, we will install statues of Goddess Gauri, Ganesh and Nandi in every mosque. Mahadev another name for Shankar lives in every particle of this country. So, those who want to avoid surya namaskar, Yoga and Lord Shankar can leave Hindustan or drown in the ocean.

He Khan should remember that if a japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following mass of people boycotts his films, he will also have to wander on the streets like a normal Muslim. At a Virat Hindu Chetna rally in Siddharthnagar in organised by the Hindu Yuva Vahini, Adityanath declared that Hindu culture and Muslim culture can never co-exist and that a religious war is inevitable which is why Hindus need to get organised and face this challenge in the most aggressive fashion possible.

He stated that Hindu Yuva Vahini is doing the work of uniting Hindus. At the same rally a speaker called to rape corpses of Muslim women and another called to strip Muslims of voting rights. For only such controlled and protected women power will give birth to and raise great men and when required step out of home to the battlefield to destroy evil powers. First analyse and assess the impact of this in gram sabhas, panchayats and local bodies. Assess and then decide whether women who are in active politics, and public life like men, whether in this process they may not lose their importance and role as mothers, daughter and sisters.

Serious thought must be given to these issues. He argues here that caste-based reservations for Dalits should be restricted to one generation. He ends with a mention of the Sachar Committee report and raises the bogey of reservations for Muslims.

Instead, isplaying full insensitivity towards a highly epidemic prone region, these posts were scrapped in August Ten crore more were required for the ICU installation.

Union minister of state for health Anupriya Patel made a japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following of this hospital in August till then the government had failed to allocate an amount of merely 40 crores in the annual workplan to regularly run this hospital.

Even after that no substantial fund have been allocated for japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following hospital where patients 90 percent of them were children have died of Encephalitis alone and thousands maimed out of admitted since So the its now very difficult to know the exact number japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following encephalitis cases that have occurred in this region which includes ten districts of eastern UP and at least four districts of Bihar from where people come for treatment to this and other private hospitals in Gorakhpur.

It was reported in media Gorakhpur Newsline that in nearly cases from Kushinagar district were not recorded as Encephalitis, out of these more than died of the dreaded disease. Inthe SP Government headed by Mulayam Singh punished, transferred the Japans kan can caricature by binaryoptions following Hari Om who arrested a riot-mongering Adityanath, and in sundry other ways the Mulayam Government pandered to the saffron forces, even splurging public money on them.

The opportunist Mulayam Government helped Adityanath evade consequences for communal violence and hate-speech. Here are excerpts of a report from the archives of Liberation, March Yogi has emerged as a new symbol of Hindutva offensive in the region.

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