How to trade crude oil in zerodha

Yes, SEBI has approved options trading on commodities. I have to pay any extra amount or I have to take physical contract by paying full amount. The Crude Oil mini is quite a favorite amongst the trading community.

December 12, at 3: How the fair premium for rollover can be calculated? Gold prices vary depending on the purity of the metal, suggest you check the contract specifications. Any plans on advanced Chapters on Crude?

Technical Analysis 20 chapters 3. December 12, at 4: August 17, at 8: So assume the price finally converges to —.

This is rolling over. I have to pay any extra amount or I have to take physical contract by paying full amount. Expiry is on 19 th of every month.

February 17, at The contract value for this would be —. June 13, at Anyway, in case you want to take physical delivery, then you need to ensure you express your intent to the broker 4 days before expiry, work with the warehouse receipts and take the delivery. June 20, at 7:

Why would undelying price would go up in upcoming days? Remember, in all arbitrage cases, the price will converge to a single price point. Good luck with Crude, hope you stay profitable.

How do they sattled it. However, you can do this on two different contracts. April 26, at Of all commodities only Crude oil and Nickel has decent Open Interest but still far low when compared with Nifty futures. Why such statement is made up for equity stocks?

Active market participation in crude oil comes in from both corporate and retail individual traders. November 22, at September 14, at 8: February 25, at 9:

With an average daily traded value of Rupees Cr, the big crude oil contract is certainly one of the biggest contracts value wise that gets traded on MCX. June 20, at 6: Nov contracts are illiquid and have large spreads.