How to obtain xml script for binary bot options trading binary com

I am selling a strategy that took me just about a year to develop, code, and put together. This strategy has never returned less than It is a program entirely coded in python.

Once installed, all you have to do is enter your credentials and api key, and it will start working. The program is hugely customisable. Here are some of the main options and their default options:. Here are for instance the results of yesterday and today, with the default settings.

Profit of yesterday has been I make real, descent money. I average 70 a day, 5 days a week, a month, with my program. Since I worked a lot on this program, making a bit how to obtain xml script for binary bot options trading binary com extra income for it is well deserved.

As mentioned before it is fully coded in python, and uses various libraries which will be automatically downloaded through the installation process. It uses a mix of indicators and forecasting based on news.

For the actual trading, it simply works wit the excellent binary. It works both in live and demo. It runs on mac and windows, no problem. Python works on both machines, and the installer simply detects your os to download the requirements. You can choose all your options. It all depends on your initial investment. This is extremely safe and so it makes money. If you quadruple what I do and stay at 5 trades a day, you can look at a day.

But then you need a bigger starting capital. My constant minimum balance is Yours would be for a day on average. That is extremely unlikely, but if you somehow do how to obtain xml script for binary bot options trading binary com generate profit from my program, send me proof of failure, and I will pay you back right away.

If interested, you can PM me or request here on this thread. I will send you my paypal address, and I will send how to obtain xml script for binary bot options trading binary com the files in a. If you have any trouble installing the software, feel free to ask me for help, I will give you my mail address. I noticed something really odd with the pictures I sent, the trade Ref ID is the same everywhere.

I have no idea why, maybe because I took a screenshot an offline version of the page here are the correct screenshots. I will also post today's results: I have already replied to this question in the presentation of my strategy, thank you for not spamming the forum and reading the posts before criticizing them. Here is my answer to you, mentioned in my post above:. Just posting here to show hesitant people that it works. I paid, got my software a little bit late I have to say, like 48 hours after payment.

Then I turned it on, configured it, and it works so far. Little more info on my config: I run the latest Windows 10, I didn't have any problem with the installation, if you follow the instructions it goes smoothly. I haven't had a chance to try though.

As for the app settings: I changed the trade amount to 15, cause that's what I can afford for now. I changed the maximum number of trades per day toand just stopped when I was happy with the profit. I think that's it. Oh yeah also I disabled martingale by setting the martingale loss limit to 1. With this ITM ratio you really don't need martingale. I got my software last Thursday, I have been running it ever since, and it works great so far, only profit. I have nothing to complain about, thanks for the software MarceloPagnol!

Pelourinho good if like please share this software with us as demo, then we will buy this software. Pelourinho is right, there is no demo version. Just purchase the software and see for yourself. If you're not satisfied, you're reimbursed through paypal. Guys do yourself a favour and stay away from this software. I sent him money via paypal on JULY 14 and now almost 2 weeks later i still have no software and have not heard from the guy.

He said it was for payment confirmation like really WHO asks for someones paypal password. This guy is a thief and a fraud and I'm going to file a dispute with paypal regarding this guy because he is a huge scammer. Marcelo has now sent me the script and I have successful run it so far so good will post my results later tonight but looks promising.

I take back my comment i guess he is just extremely busy to reply quickly but nonetheless my only fault with this product is that the seller takes a long how to obtain xml script for binary bot options trading binary com to reply and it took me almost 2 weeks to receive the product.

I have now received it and I'm testing it and will update with my results. This may turn into a positive review yet we will see I apologize for being frustrated with him but I think when you buy something you should receive it at least within 48 hours.

So no more issue, really good software! I use the martingale feature to recoup my losses so that i am in profit. You are right, it is easy to implement a simple RSI strategy and call it a smart algorithm.

My program bases its analysis on a lot more factors and sources. I guess the future results will speak for themselves, if you still have questions do not hesitate. And tell me what you think of this video pierredemarque!

Well yes as I mentioned to you via PM, I only set it to 1min to avoid having a 30 minute long video. You asked me to show you the bot working just for a couple minutes to not have a video that's too long. But you can choose the expiry in the configuration of course, and the recommended expiry is anything longer than or equal to 15 mins. I can send you one with a 30 min expiry it's just that it will be super long.

It's just that with 1 min the accuracy is lower, but it also works. MarceloPagnol I would be interested too, in the bot, however I'd feel alot more confident if you could use a site if you don't have one whereby you pay via paypal and you get an instant download e.

Would that be something you would consider, also you can use an email to be send to authenticate the user if that would work? Let me know your thoughts? Nednones Well you can see for yourself that the people got their software after payment.

Now, if you're concerned about getting the package right after you pay, we can set up a meet up time online, and as soon as I tell you I'm ready, you pay, and boom I send you the files right away. How does that sound. I did research the sellfy option, it does seem super convenient and simple. So I actually think it's a pretty good idea, and it will make the order tracking process much easier for me. I am willing to give it a go if more people tell me they're interested. The price would be a bit higher to cover the fee, the conversion rate from dollars to euros if necessary, and also because it requires a bit more work to setup the store and the product options.

The only product option will be your os, Window or Mac. You will also get an activation key. Hello Marcelo, is your robot in XML scripts? The screen shot looks like it is an XML format run in bot. Sorrry I don't understand about python, maybe looks the same with XML?

MarceloPagnol I'm absolutely down with it. With that site and similar digital selling types you can just take the ease out of having to check if money has been sent and then send the files. Let me know if and when you are doing it? Which os do you run, Mac or Windows? MarceloPagnolread all the comments, it looks real and profiting. As you said that you have spend around a year in developing it, did you done all type testing on this bot?

Mr Marcel, are u OK? Hi all, How to obtain xml script for binary bot options trading binary com am selling a strategy that took me just about a year to develop, code, and put together. Here are some of the main options and their default options: Adapts the stake depending on the return rate, so you always get the same payout. It is one of the key elements of the algorithm which allows high ITM. Set a daily profit limit, the program stops if profit reached. Number of trades per session.