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A confidence trick synonyms include confidence gameconfidence schemeripoffscam and stratagem is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidenceused in the classical sense of trust. The perpetrator of a confidence trick or "con trick" is often referred to as a confidence or "con" man, con-artist, or a " grifter ". Samuel Thompson — was the original "confidence man". Thompson was a clumsy swindler who asked his victims to express confidence in engels binary options jargon by giving him money or their watch rather than gaining their confidence in a more nuanced way.

A few people trusted Thompson with their money and watches. Reporting about this arrest, Dr. A confidence trick is also known as a con game, a con, a scam, a grift, a hustle, a bunko or buncoa swindle, a flimflam, a gaffle or a bamboozle. The intended victims are known as "marks", "suckers", or "gulls" i.

When accomplices are employed, they are known as shills. A short con or small con is a fast swindle which takes just engels binary options jargon. It typically aims to rob the victim of everything in his or her wallet. A long con or big con also, chiefly British English: It aims to rob the victim of huge sums of money or valuable things, often by getting him or her to empty out banking accounts and borrow from family members. Smith lists the "six definite steps or stages of growth" of a confidence game.

In addition, some games require a " corroboration " step, particularly those involving a "rare item". This usually includes the use of engels binary options jargon accomplice who plays the part of an uninvolved initially skeptical third party, who later confirms the claims made by the con man. As such, there is no consistent profile of a confidence trick victim; the common factor is simply that the victim relies on the good faith of the con artist.

Victims of investment scams tend to show an incautious level of greed and gullibility, and many con artists target the elderly, but even alert and educated people may engels binary options jargon taken in by other forms of a confidence trick. Accomplices, also known as shillshelp manipulate the mark into accepting the perpetrator 's plan. In a traditional confidence engels binary options jargon, the mark is led to believe that he will be able to win money or some other prize by doing some task.

The accomplices may pretend to be strangers who have benefited from performing the task in the past. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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