Brokerage fee calculator

Include handling fees if applicable. If you are unsure, do not tick the box. This is used to determine the duty rate. Select the shipping company that will ship your order. If you are unsure, select UPS. This is used to calculate the brokerage and disbursement fees. Select the province to which your order will be shipped. This is used to calculate the taxes you will have to pay on the order and on the brokerage and disbursement fees.

This is the exchange rate. It is updated every 20 minutes. This is the price of the item s you are purchasing converted to Canadian dollars. This is the cost of shipping your order converted to Canadian dollars. It is calculated based on the country of origin of the item, the value of the item and the nature of the item.

This is somewhat of a hidden fee. When you purchase something on a US website with your credit card, your credit card company will add 0. It is equal to 2. It depends on the amount pre-paid for you. This online calculator will help you estimate the final cost of purchasing items from the USA and having your order shipped to Canada. Your Purchase Price [? This calculator only gives an estimate of the total cost of importing an item from the USA into Canada. We are not responsible for discrepancies between the estimate and the actual total cost.

Made in USA [? Simply enter the information in the blue box above and click the submit button. All extra fees charged by shipping companies and Canadian customs will be displayed in the green box. The grand total for your order, in Canadian dollars, will be displayed in the orange box. Click on the [? Contact us at info thefinalcost.